Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tee Ball

Caleb spent the month of May playing Tball. Here are a few pics of him hitting the ball.
Our favorite quote from him came on the first day: "Nobody even got me. I was sooooo like a rocket ship!"

Caleb's Last Day of Preschool

Caleb finished up Preschool this past week. A friend of mine suggested that I get a picture of him on his last day to see how much he's grown. The top picture is him on his first day and the bottom picture is him on his last day. Hah! Notice anything?

Oh....and it gets better, though I didn't take a picture.....I was wearing the EXACT same shirt on Caleb's first and last day. I really like the shirts or what?

Children's Gardens

Here are a few pics of the kids at the Children's Gardens. Ryland is REALLY into balls right now. Whenever he sees anything remotely round in shape he immediately gets excited and says, "Bah! Bah! Bah!"
I'm sure you can imagine how exciting it was for him to see the "bird's eggs!"

Dress Up

One of Alanna's favorite things to do is dress up. The funny thing is that she puts EVERY dress up item on.

Water Play

Caleb LOOOOVES playing in the water with the hose. I really have no problem with him doing it. It's fun for him, keeps him entertained and I'm sure he's learning something during it like water pressure or erosion. The problem I have is when the weather doesn't necessarily allow playing with the hose.
Please note Alanna's fleece for that chilly day....and yes, she is SOAKED!

Into Everything Rydie...part 2

This kid doesn't stop! His newest thing is using items to climb up onto HIGHER objects!


Found these two yahoos sleeping in the same bed. Too cute!