Friday, December 3, 2010

Can you believe

I FINALLY updated this blog? and I use that term very loosely since I'm only including 5 pics.
This Fall has been busy with me returning to teaching. Maybe I should have Keith take over the blog. Caleb is in Young 5s at my school and loves it. His teacher is my good friend, so it's been fun chatting with her about him. Alanna and Ryland are enjoying some serious daddy time on MW and F mornings while Caleb is at school. I always wondered how those two would do with Caleb gone and they seem to be having fun with each other. Alanna will often "read" to Ryland.
Ryland is starting to say more and more words. His newer (and again...newer in the last month or two) words include, "mama, dada, nahnah (alanna)" and his newest, which is really cute, is "me!" I heard him say it for the first time yesterday morning when I asked the kids, "Who wants breakfast?" I expected to hear from Caleb and Alanna, so it was quite a surprise to hear Ryland shout out, "Me!" You can pretty much ask him anything that starts with, "Who wants_____?" and he'll answer with "Me!"
The other day Caleb decided to teach Ryland the letter sounds, so Caleb starts at the beginning of the alphabet and says to Ryland, "Ryland, say ah." Ryland responds. "Ryland, say buh." He responded. Caleb followed him around the house until he had made it through to Z. What a good teacher he is!

Here are some Fall pics. Keith's annual Michigan attire picture, our family at the apple orchard and the kids at Halloween (and in case you're wondering...the kids are wolves and a pig. I couldn't bring myself to do the 3 pigs and dress Caleb up in pink).
I really should figure out how to upload more pics....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Training Wheels!

Caleb has mastered the 2 wheeler....well, riding it, that is! Now we need to work on "starting from stop" and how to stop 'gracefully' rather than just falling over to the side.

Zoo Trip

Here are some pics from our trip to the zoo!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tee Ball

Caleb spent the month of May playing Tball. Here are a few pics of him hitting the ball.
Our favorite quote from him came on the first day: "Nobody even got me. I was sooooo like a rocket ship!"

Caleb's Last Day of Preschool

Caleb finished up Preschool this past week. A friend of mine suggested that I get a picture of him on his last day to see how much he's grown. The top picture is him on his first day and the bottom picture is him on his last day. Hah! Notice anything?

Oh....and it gets better, though I didn't take a picture.....I was wearing the EXACT same shirt on Caleb's first and last day. I really like the shirts or what?

Children's Gardens

Here are a few pics of the kids at the Children's Gardens. Ryland is REALLY into balls right now. Whenever he sees anything remotely round in shape he immediately gets excited and says, "Bah! Bah! Bah!"
I'm sure you can imagine how exciting it was for him to see the "bird's eggs!"

Dress Up

One of Alanna's favorite things to do is dress up. The funny thing is that she puts EVERY dress up item on.