Monday, December 21, 2009

PreSchool Christmas Singing

Here is a video of Caleb singing at his Christmas Party. This is really not that great of singing. I was just excited to learn HOW to put video on here!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ryland's First Haircut

I finally broke down and decided to get Ryland's hair cut. I had been putting it off long enough because I thought he was so young AND because I didn't want to get rid of his curls and highlights.

He did very well---didn't cry at all.
I can't believe how old he now looks.

Snow Fun


Here are some pictures of the kids in the snow.

The first picture is Caleb going down the slide and Alanna watching. After he went down, that was pretty much the end of playing outside as he learned that going down a snowy slide is REALLY fast!
The second picture is Caleb with one of his friends, Anna, after building a snowman.

The last 2 are from today. Pretty awesome tunnel, huh? Those things are harder to make than one would think!!

Keeps 'em entertained!

This is what I woke up to one morning! Caleb put as many hair bows as he could into Alanna's hair.

Gingerbread House 2009

Here's this year's house! I decided to go with a pre made house this year. It looks so much better than what I've done in the past and it's not that much more expensive than doing it from scratch since it comes with everything you need....including the candies!