Monday, June 29, 2009

Caleb's Birthday

My baby turned 4!!

Caleb enjoyed his racetrack cake, though he didn't like the "grass." He must take after his dad, who doesn't like coconut either.

He enjoyed opening his presents with Alanna...who was really interested in seeing what "she got him" :)

He was really excited to finally have a bike to ride (his previous bike had gotten run over by dad). Bikes are a wonderful "toy." Caleb spents a lot of time riding up and down the sidewalks of our street.


Here are some random pics of Ryland. He gets cuter and cuter every day!

Happy Father's Day

Here's the World's Best Dad with his 3 awesome kiddos!

I Love My Siblings

Here's a few pics of the kids "playing" with each other.

Look Who's a Big Girl!

After a couple of stressful weeks of potty training Alanna, she FINALLY got it! I will admit that I was the driving force behind it. She wasn't really showing signs of wanting to do it, but then again...neither did Caleb when I potty trained him and he did it in a few weeks.

Now, we only have 1 left in diapers!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


For the past 3 years Keith and 6 other dads have gone camping with the kids. They're gone for 2 nights. It's a really fun time for the kids and a relaxing break for the moms. This year, the total number of kids was up to 14! Ryland can't wait to join them next year :)

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Playing with Bubbles is a
DAILY activity when we're outside.
I should find a good recipe for bubble solution!

Fun in the Sun

It's a rare occasion that we get hot days here in the Spring time, but when we do, it's fun to get out the hose and play in the water. Here, Caleb is playing with his friend Tyler. It's amazing how much fun a hose can be!!!

(I think Caleb is having so much fun he doesn't realize that his swim suit is about to fall off. Man, those are low!)