Monday, February 16, 2009

Alanna's New Bed

This past weekend, Keith and I moved Alanna into Caleb's room and into a toddler bed. We were both worried about how she'd do (Would she stay in the bed? Would she sleep while Caleb was in the same room?) She proved to us that we had nothing to worry about at all. The transition was great! At first, she would stand up in bed and I would just go in and lay her back down. That lasted for all of 2 minutes. Hopefully, this sharing of the room continues to go smoothly.

Alanna's First Lollipop

I never would've given Caleb a lollipop at this age, but as people always say, it's different with the 2nd child. She really enjoyed sucking it, but after a while she kept dropping it and letting it touch the carpet. Then it was just gross, so the second picture shows what happens when you take a lollipop away from Alanna. Not a pretty picture.

(Plus, I needed proof to show Keith that his wonderful, adorable daughter really does have full blown, lay on the floor temper tantrums).